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CONCEPTS - ACADEMY is a Reputed Academy with its Head office in Bangalore.

Founded in 2015 by a Team of Highly Passionate & Motivated Professionals, CONCEPTS - ACADEMY is the Best in FINE ART Education,

Affiliated to PRACHEEN KALA KENDRA providing –

  • Junior DIPLOMA Certification

  • Senior DIPLOMA Certification &

  • Higher Level Certification Courses to Kids & Adults (All Age Groups).

CONCEPTS has trained Lot of Students of All Age Groups in the field of DRAWING & CRAFT. CONCEPTS has Highly Educated, Experienced and Passionate Faculties to facilitate the Excellent Learning.

We Believe the Creativity comes from Free Thoughts. We Teach our students to DREAM !!

 “We DREAM our Painting & then We Paint our DREAM.”

Drawing is so important for children & Adults.  Science shows that drawing is an essential part of a child’s development. Through Drawing Children are able to see what they are thinking, they are also able to play around with and transform their ideas.

  • Drawing is an Amazing way of displaying EMOTIONS. Drawing is a hobby and passion that can bring anyone’s Emotions out and also make it easier later in life to express their feelings.

  • It Increases their IMAGINATION. Imagination is SUCH a key part of a child’s growth. We should all encourage imagination because it is a show of freedom of expression and creativity, two major components any child should be able to have.

  • Their COGNITIVE Processes Increases. Cognition means acquiring Knowledge & Understanding through Thought, Experience, and the senses. Drawing means they are constantly thinking or feeling something, so what they choose to draw.

  • Their Fine Motor & COORDINATION Skills Increases. They will get to practice Good Handwriting & how to color in small closed areas.

  • Super Boosts CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE. Giving your child the freedom to draw to create anything they want. What they draw allows you to see what’s going on in their mind, & also lets them grow in their Uniqueness & Originality.