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CONCEPTS has amazing Dance classes for KIDS & Adults!
Our trainers start the batch with a short warm-up session which includes aerobic exercises so that their physical growth, mobility, power and stamina, flexibility and sense of rhythm developed. Then they teach some of the basic steps of Modern Freestyle Dancing / Modern Western dance followed by a Dance on latest Bollywood songs.

At the end of the class, they do some of the basic Gymnastic moves like Baby Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel etc.

We also teach them to perform in school, special occasions like Birthdays, Marriages, Parents Anniversary or other Competitions.

Also, we teach them different dance forms
according to the festival or occasion like Dandiya, Bhangra or other traditional and folk dances.

CONCEPTS also offers many opportunities or Platforms like preparing them for Dance India Dance little masters or any other big shows / Competitions which builds confidence and helps to overcome stage fear. We also take trained students to our Shows/Events.


Why We Need To Learn Dance


1. Inner Happiness along with Fitness: Dance gives you inner happiness along with the purpose of fitness. Dancing also helps to reduce stress and helps to relieve tension, which may contribute to making people more relaxed and happy. This you can't get to the gym.

2. Burns more Calories than Gyming: Body workout routine will help you build strong, flexible muscles and leave you feeling more graceful than a typical gym workout would. Dance is a great way to lose weight while enjoying the process at the same time. Dancing moves involves a huge movement of the whole body. Dance forms like Hip hop, Bollywood, freestyle, Zumba, etc burns more calories than Ballroom Dances.

3. Not monotonous, the scope for improvisation and CREATIVITY : Dance is always creating something new, creating new choreographies or steps. Dance doesn't stick to the same schedule while in the Gym, fix schedule is given for the exercise and gets bored after sometime. You can express whatever you feel or your emotions over mere physical exercises.

5. Helps in Socialising better: Dance helps you in socializing better since it sometimes helps to develop stronger social ties through regular exercise together, build self-confidence and increase their self-esteem. Dancing gives better awareness of how one can move their body. These are all essential factors for making people more comfortable in social situations. Dance allows people to be more active, socialize within local communities and develop creative skills because of this reason the no. of people taking part in dance classes is increasing worldwide.

6. Works on complete body: Dancing is a whole-body workout that's actually like full-body Zumba toning workout or you can dance on any of your favorite songs. The intensity depends on the type of dance you choose and your purpose behind it. For weight loss purposes you can choose fast-moving dance styles like hip hop, Bollywood, Street jazz, Contemporary are more intense and for socializing in parties one can choose dances like the tango or waltz.

7. Career Opportunity: Dance can lead to new career opportunities while the gym only gives you fitness. Dance is a fun way to open up new possibilities, keep healthy and enjoy yourself. People can actually turn their passion into a Profession. We at CONCEPTS provide special training to those who want to take up Dance as a career.